Once Upon a Name is a personalised fairy tale storybook. It tells the story of how a little child’s bear goes on an adventure to a fairy tale world.

The bear must then collect all the letters to spell the child’s name. This is done by meeting the child’s favourite fairy tale characters on the journey.

The bear then flies back to the bedroom to see the child’s name spelt out in the stars.

If the name is short, don’t worry! We’ll add in extra story pages for you.

Developed with teachers to guarantee educational value

Printed on thick,
high quality paper

Large format - A4 book size
297mm x 210mm

Free delivery worldwide...
by magic carpet!

UK delivery in only
5 working days

“My daughter couldn’t believe that her favourite characters were spelling out her name. An absolutely magical book!”

Sophie and her 5-year-old daughter

“Our son was struggling to recognise his name. We bought him this book and now he won’t put it down. Brilliant!”

Steve and his 2-year-old son

“My daughter’s favourite princesses spelling out her name... genius! Can’t recommend this book highly enough.”

Tracy and her 4-year-old daughter

“I recommend this book to all my parents. It’s the best stealth education name recognition book I’ve ever seen.”

Sarah - preschool manager